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We are a design-build firm specialized in fast-track residential, commercial, and administrative projects.


02. Our Services



Atic executes fully developed concepts with the highest quality while maintaining cost effectiveness.



Atic turns your needs into concepts, personalizing each and every space. Striking the balance between high-end luxury & punctual functionality.

Renovation & Maintenance

Renovation & Maintenance

Change is Inevitable, yet coping with it needs time & courage; we’ve been renovating centuries old buildings for the past 30 years, allowing us to revamp your long lasting property without sacrificing look or feel.

From concept to handing over

03. Creative Approach

Concept Development

The purpose of the Concept Development stage is to define the project scope and prepare formal funding requests.

Schematic Representation

The Schematic stage is used as a tool for visual communication. It often produces rough drawings of site plans, elevations and illustrative sketches or computer renderings.

Design Development

In Design Development, the schematic plans and elevations are reviewed, revised and expanded to incorporate all the details and specifications required for construction.

Procurement Phase

The Procurement Phase is where the results of the detailed engineering effort are leveraged to acquire equipment, materials, and construction services.

Site Preparation and Execution

The core of the construction process, where all elements are coordinated to fall into place in complete harmony.

Handing Over

That’s where scope, benefits, and deliverables must all be ready for use by our clients. In this stage, we go over every detail of usage with our clients to make sure we’re satisfying their needs and meeting their expectations.


04. Our Partners

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